~ 22.12.2017 ~
we dropped a new remix compilation!
the producer OGs Slugabed, Bushido,
Subp Yao, Yunis, Deadcrow &
WASSILY delievered some serious tunes:
sonder void vol 2 remixed

~ 08.12.2017 ~
Kackmusikk just released his
new EP ‘G.A.N.B.T.’
get your digital copy here:

~ 20.11.2017 ~
Sonder Void invites:
Sinjin Hawke x Zora Jones
Along with Xzavier Stone, Kackmusikk,
Luk LeChuck & nuitunit.
8th December 2017 @ Südpol Luzern
sinjin zora

~ 10.10.2017 ~
nuitunit – With All This Love EP Remixes
out now!!
watl remixes

~ 01.09.2017 ~
Felikuta – Sunday Trippin EP
Let the sunshine in!


~ 07.07.2017 ~
nuitunit – With All This Love EP
Get the full spiritual experience:

~ 10.02.2017 ~
Sonder Void – Vol. 2 out now!!
Get your digital copy here: https://sondervoid.bandcamp.com


~ 30.01.2017 ~
Sonder Void – Vol. 2 will be out on 10th February 2017! Jour our release Party at Südpol Luzern!
Special guest: Slugabed (Activia Benz, UK). See you there <3
SV_PLAKAT_A2_DEF_01(ohne rand)

~ 01.12.2016 ~
Sonder Void – Vol. 1 has been Kick Ass nominated for ‘Best Album 2016’! in advance – Flew’s track ‘Laputa’ from the same compilation has been nominated for ‘Best Song 2016’! thanks Radio 3FACh!kickass award

~ 27.10.2016 ~
wanna see us live (again)? radio 3FACH celebrates its 18th birthday and we gonna spread some bass  there. don’t miss this moving experience!
treibhaus luzern, saturday 29. October 2016, 02.00 o’clock. pow pow!

3fach 18th

~ 21.07.2016 ~
great news peepz! the Sonder Void squad is playing at last call festival, lorenhalde. we got our own rave floor. save the date! sunday night, 31.07.2016! much bass and love to spread there!


~ 30.05.2016 ~
we gonna celebrate our start and our compilation on friday, 3th June 2016 at uferlos luzern. be there and show us your best dance moves!SV_PLAKAT_160603_A2_DEF_01

~ 11.05.2016 ~
pow! the first Sonder Void release is born! get it next thursday (19th May 2016) for free and level up your coolness:
sondervoid . bandcamp.comsv_vol1_cover

~08.05.2016 ~
welcome to the new Sonder Void universe! enjoy as much as you enjoy joy in general!